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What is the meaning of IP specifications regarding waterproof and dustproof standards? Where can I get more information?

I would like to return my ORTLIEB product for a repair job. How do I do this?

The Velcro of my old Back-Rollers comes off. What can I do?

My ORTLIEB products has holes and abrasions in the fabric.

Can I repair holes in my bag myself, e.g. during a trip with a bicycle repair set?

My bag starts fringing. Is this normal or is this a material default?

My panniers Back-Roller cannot be combined with the Rack-Pack. The buckles are not compatible.

The diameter of my rack tubes in more than 16mm or oval shaped, may panniers do not fit.

Can the Rack-Lock adapter be mounted onto conical (non-parallel) rack tubes?

How do I remove the lower fixing buckles of the pannier carrying system out of the pannier’s edge protector?

My (older) ORTLIEB bag no longer fits on my new bike. How do I find the right hooks so that it fits again?

I cannot adjust the lower mounting hook of my pannier, I cannot loosen the hook.

How many kilos/lbs may I load into my pannier with QL system?

Can QL1, QL2 and QL2.1 panniers be mounted to a rack with the QL3/QL3.1 system being attached?

I have older panniers with the rigid mounting hooks. Can I have my panniers upgraded to the QL1 or QL2 system?

Can the anti-theft device be installed into a pannier with QL1 system?

I would like to upgrade my old bag with the QL3.1 system. Is this possible.

Is it possible to change my QL1 or QL2 bags to the QL2.1, 3 or 3.1. system?

Can I mount my Ultimate handlebar bag to a carbon (fiber) handle bar?

My e-bike has a Bosch Nyon display. How can I mount an ORTLIEB handlebar bag?

Which ORTLIEB handlebar bag fits to which mounting?

Why should I use the mounting cable for my handlebar bag only once?

I have a VRO handlebar by Syntace. Can I mount an Ultimate handlebar to it?

I have an E-bike display, how can I still mount my handlebar bag?

I have an older Ultimate mounting set on my handlebar and an E-Bike display. I cannot mount the adapter for mounting the Ultimate mounting set (article code F1451).

Can the Saddle-Bag, Micro-Bag and Seatpost-Bag be used on carbon seat posts?

What is the difference between the various waterproof zippers, the one with visible teeth (e.g. Duffle) and the one with a closed off synthetic profile (e.g. Big-Zip) ?

May I use my ORTLIEB waterbag for transporting gasoline?

May I fill in boiling water into my waterbag?

May I fill hot water into my folding bowl?

How can I clean and disinfect my waterbag inside?

How do I clean my pannier?

May I use a waterresistant marker for writing on my map case?

The buckle of my Ortlieb product broke. Can I used the repair buckle (article code E187)?

The waterproof TIZIP zipper of my bag is hard to move. How can I make it run smoother?

Should products with sealing lip also be lubricated from time to time with silicone grease?

I would like to renew the water repellency of my Bike-Packer Plus. What products can I use for impregnating your materials?